Argan Shampoo Bar- Light Conditioning

Argan Shampoo Bar- Light Conditioning

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) free shampoo bars that mild and care for your scalp and hair. We use coco-derived surfactants that gives you that foamy wash, also known as Baby foam. Formulated with natural and curated ingredients that includes Argan Oil which is extremely beneficial for hair and scalp, extracts, Glycerin and Coconut Oil that nourish and give you a healthy scalp & hair. Made of ingredients, therefore they will not strip your hair and scalp of the their natural oils.


With anti-static, anti-frizz & properties.


Shampoo bars are made sure that it has to avoid damaging your hair.


40g per outlast liquid shampoo. 1 bar is equivalent to 3 250ml bottles.


- and sustainable - eliminates the use of plastic bottles. Concentrated with no added water, no waste.


Kid friendly - Gentle in and skin


Travel friendly - Bars are handy




Scents available:


Purple - Rose

Yellow - Lavander Vanilla

Green - Macadamia Peppermint

Pink - Pomegranate


differ on actual. Shampoo bars are handcrafted so no bars actual look the same.