Our Story

Al Amirah started when I was pregnant with my daughter, Amirah. A woman’s body changes during pregnancy and that includes the skin. That is what happened with me. Since I was pregnant, I had to be careful in choosing the products that I use to make sure that it will not harm my baby and that’s when I started researching and making organic homemade skincare products.

 Since I was young I had bad skin. I had chicken skin, dry lips, dry skin and dark spots. I was prone to pimples, eczema and other skin allergies. I used commercial products, some worked and some didn't. But as I learned more about the chemicals being used in these products I have grown to appreciate and became interested in using organic and natural skincare.

 So me and my mom have been making our own body scrubs, moisturizers, and face masks using botanical oils and homemade ingredients. I gave them as gifts to friends and family and got great feedback and that’s where we got the idea of making it as a business.

And that’s how Al Amirah was born.

Al Amirah in Arabic means the “The Princess”, its also named after my daughter since she is the inspiration of the business.

Now Al Amirah Moroccan Bath & Spa is one of the first to offer Authentic Moroccan Bath experience in Philippines. We also offer Organic Body scrub and guarantee that we only use natural ingredients and supplies. 

We use Virgin Coconut massage oil not Mineral Oil. Unlike Mineral oil, VCO nourish and hydrates your skin. So you could enjoy our relaxing massage while moisturizing your skin!

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