Massage at Work

Corporate Massage by Al Amirah



Al Amirah Corporation had been making people happy by delivering stress-free massage experience since 2017. We started as Al Amirah Moroccan Bath & Spa, a Day Spa in Quezon City and since then we had been providing Massage On Demand to our Hotel Partners for their Guests.


Our vision is to promote wellness and happiness by providing one-massage-at a time.


Employers have been using Corporate massage as an added benefit for their employees for about the last 20 years. Stress and a focus on wellness are some of the factors for employers to hire a massage therapist to come on-site for weekly or monthly chair massage sessions.

Companies like Google & Apple rewards employees with an on-site Massages to increase productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

David Palmer, the "father of chair massage" describes his experiences working for Apple Computer in 1984 as he pioneered seated massage in the corporate space. He says, like in other areas, Steve Jobs was ahead of his time when it came to providing chair massage as an employee benefit.

Al Amirah Corporate Massage
Al Amirah Corporate Massage
Al Amirah Corporate Massage