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Al Amirah Scrubs

How often should I use a scrub?

The short answer is every time you take a shower or bath! All Sugars scrubs are specially formulated to be safe for daily use on even the most sensitive skin. 


Do I need a moisturizer after I scrub?

 Scrubs cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize all at the same time, you don’t need any additional moisturizers or lotions


What’s the shelf-life of my scrub?

Our scrubs have a shelf life of about 12 months as long as they are unopened. There is no need to refrigerate your scrub, unless you want a really refreshing shower! Avoid getting water into your scrubs, we don’t want those nasty bacteria. Use spoon as much as possible.


Why do your scrubs cost more?

Ingredients are source out locally and imported across Middle East and Australia. We manufactured by small batches to keep its freshness, so our cost is higher compare to industrial or mass production.


Can Al Amirah scrubs make me look younger, cure my acne, or keep me from getting fine lines and wrinkles?

Al Amirah makes absolutely no claims, whatsoever, about the possible benefits using our products may impart to your skin. Here’s what we know: we use all-natural ingredients. The ingredients that we use have scientific facts that is beneficial for skin as we describe.

It is always safe to do a patch test, to make sure you have no allergies or better always consult your doctor or dermatologists.


Sugar VS Salt

Sugar scrubs are best for people with sensitive skin, and they're also preferable to use on the face instead of salt scrubs, since coarse salt granules can irritate delicate skin.


 Al Amirah 24K Beauty Elixir


I have oily skin, can I use it?

Yes you can. 24K Beauty Elixir has Argan oil that has been proven to reduce sebum levels in individuals with oily skin!