The Birth of Al Amirah Moroccan Skincare

Al Amirah started as a spa that brought Authentic Traditional Moroccan Bath and Spa experience to the Filipinos. Moroccan Bath known as "Hammam" has grown in popularity over the years. Many people fell in love with the Moroccan Bath experience, including Filipinos.

Not long after when the spa started serving its clients, Jesica Navarette, the owner of Al Amirah Moroccan Bath & Spa, found herself pondering over how the spa can improve its services to bring a memorable experience each time for every client who goes to visit the spa. The Al Amirah Moroccan Bath and Spa Kit was born.

Since then, the spa and the Al Amirah Moroccan Bath and Spa Kit work like a charm. For 3 years, Al Amirah Moroccan Bath and Spa has served over 10,000 satisfied clients—and they keep coming back for more.

Then comes the pandemic. It changes everything. People became more cautious and feared for their health and safety more than ever before. It affected the spa and all other businesses around the world. The Al Amirah Moroccan Bath & Spa management needed to make a difficult decision—the closing of the spa.

Fortunately, despite equally, greatly affected by the pandemic, the Al Amirah products have already made to the market and are getting recognized as a brand on its own. More and more Filipino women, and men, are now using Al Amirah products—an ideal option for going to spas.

With the closing of the spa, Al Amirah company now focuses its effort and energy on improving Al Amirah products than they already are — with the vision to bring luxurious spa experiences to the people at the comfort and convenience of their homes.

The Al Amirah Moroccan Argan Beldi Soap and Argan Collagen Serum now stood as the pillar products of the Al Amirah Corporation. Thus, the company has no reason to fail to make the products even better than they are now.

As the company aims for producing high-quality yet reasonably priced products and a brand people trust, it introduces the Moroccan Skincare Bundle. The bundle comprises of Body Scrub, Kessa Glove & Moisturizing Serum, a complete kit one will ever need.

For anyone looking to achieve a glowy, smooth, and radiant skin can now avail complete skincare in a single pack at an affordable price. It rejuvenates, moisturizes, smoothens, and removes dead skin cells in just a few simple steps.